Partners and Liaisons

Architect Services

Since its founding in 1969, HMFH Architects has established a national reputation for design excellence. By its distinguished range of award-winning work—from renovated urban buildings to new campuses—HMFH is recognized as a leader in the design of innovative K-12 learning environments.

HMFH has designed more than 20 schools with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) since it was established in 2004 including: 11 high schools, 7 addition/renovations and 8 occupied construction projects. The core HMFH Andover team is:

  • Project Director: Lori Cowles, HMFH Principal (AIA, ALEP, LEED AP)
  • Project Manager: James Liebman, HMFH Senior Associate (AIA, LEED AP)
  • Project Architect: Alicia Crothers, HMFH Senior Associate (AIA, LEED AP)
  • Project Architect: Suni Dillard, HMFH Senior Associate and Sustainability Leader (AIA, LEED AP BD+C)

Learn more about HMFH Architects on their website, including a look at some of their projects in the online project portfolio.

Owners Project Manager

Under Massachusetts state law, if building construction cost is estimated to be $1.5 million or greater, a qualified Owners Project Manager (OPM) is required to represent the owner and assume project management responsibilities. An RFP for OPM services was issued by the AHS Building Committee in September 2022. In October, several firms were interviewed and PMA Consultants was chosen.

PMA has extensive experience in Andover, having been selected through competitive bid processes to provide OPM services for West Elementary & Shawsheen Preschool, Ballardvale Fire Station, and the Robb Senior Center.

PMA is a family-run Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) founded in 1971 and owned by its original founder. PMA has an extensive background in the K-12 school sector with OPM services performed on 58 Massachusetts schools.

Learn more about PMA Consultants on their website, and see a summary of completed school projects they have managed including: Saugus Middle-High School and Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical High School.

The PMA team primarily focused on Andover High includes:

  • Kevin Nigro, Managing Director (MCPPO)
  • Joe DeSantis, Director
  • Marco Zappala, Associate

Committee Liaisons

Board and organizations throughout Andover are engaged in the AHS project with updates and discussion through designated liaisons. Those include:

  • Select Board: Annie Gilbert
  • Finance Committee: Aaron Buzay
  • School Finance & Operations: Keith Taverna (Assistant Superintendent)
  • AHS Student Representative: Edward Mukalazi (AHS Class of 2024)
  • Green Advisory: Amy Latva-Kokko (AIA, LEED BD+C) and Ethan Zabar (student intern)
  • Sustainability: Joyce Losick Yang (Town of Andover Sustainabilty Coordinator)
  • Conservation Commission: Donald Cooper