Design Topics of Interest

Click on each topic below to more about these areas and their impact on design for the high school project.

Feasibility Study Topics

  1. Educational Plan
  2. Design Enrollment
  3. Building Size and Square Footage (net floor area vs gross floor area)
  4. Sustainability
  5. Accessibility
  6. Phasing & Timeline Comparisons

Schematic Design Items

For a list and description of the most significant schematic design items click here, or to choose an individual item select from the below and jump right to it.

Potential Cost Saving Measures:

  1. Refinement of Space Summary
  2. Material Reductions
  3. Use of Natural Turf in lieu of Artificial Turf

Potential Added-Scope Items:

4. Solar Panel Ownership

5. Use of Heavy Timber Structure

6. Install Porous Pavement

7. Enlarge the Existing Plateau Field to Competition-Size

8. Include a Skate Park

9. Build a Parking Garage

10. Install Sports Lighting

11. Upgrade the Mechanical Plant

12. Use Sustainable Irrigation

13. Enclose the Walkway to the Field House