Design Topic: Phasing and Timelines

HMFH Architects has developed preliminary phasing and timeline comparisons for the “Campus 2” (new construction) and “Courtyard” (addition/renovation) approaches.

The timeline and phasing diagrams are preliminary and provide an overview of the projected design and construction schedules as well as the anticipated building sequence for each approach to help inform the AHS Building Committees’ recommendation for a final, preferred option.

The project team will be seeking approval of additional Schematic Design (SD) funds at Town Meeting in early May 2023 for the preferred design. The SD phase will begin and is anticipated to continue through the end of the year and will allow for community outreach ahead of the Town funding approval vote in January 2024.

The Detailed Design (DD) and Construction Documents (CD) phases for both a new build and addition/renovation are projected to take 19 to 21 months with construction enabling work starting in May 2025 in all scenarios.