Design Evolution

The Andover High School project is currently in the initial phase of design, referred to as the Feasibility Study Phase.

HMFH Architects developed 11 different site approaches (8 new construction and 3 addition/renovations) for the Andover High School Building Committee (AHSBC) to evaluate. In December 2022, the AHSBC narrowed the number of site approaches from 11 to 5.

After months of discussions with students, teachers/school staff, town departments, advisory committees, and the Andover community, in February 2023 the Building Committee narrowed the number of site approaches from 5 to 3.

The 3 remaining site approaches under evaluation include an addition/renovation referred to as the “Courtyard” approach, and a new building approach referred to as “Campus 2.” With Campus 2, there is an option to include a new auditorium within the school or to renovate the existing Collins Center.

Each approach will meet the educational plan developed by Andover Public Schools. The factors driving the decision of the remaining approaches include relative cost, location on site, impact to operations, accessibility, and community use.

In late March, preliminary cost information for these remaining site approaches will be presented. The pricing information will help inform the AHSBC’s recommended final, preferred option. If the new construction option is selected, pricing information will inform a decision to renovate or replace the Collins Center.

Following the AHSBC’s vote on a recommended option, the School Committee and Select Board will also consider the preferred approach in April 2023, which will allow for the Schematic Design Phase to commence.