Design Topic: Sustainability

The project team has held multiple sustainability charettes to define sustainability goals for the project which fall into the following categories: Health & Well-being, Materials & Equitable Design, Waste & Water, and Energy & Carbon.

Below are example goals and strategies within each category:

Sustainability CategoryOne Example GoalOne Example Strategy
Health & Well-beingAccess to fresh air in regularly occupied spacesMaximize occupant control (lighting, temperature, flexible furniture)
Materials & Equitable DesignInclusive and equitable design and processMothers’ room for staff and teachers
Waste & WaterNo potable water use for irrigationRainwater reuse for irrigation
Energy & CarbonReduce global warming potential by 5% from baselineAll electric building

At each phase, the project team will work to incorporate sustainable design elements where feasible and work to understand the goals of the community.

For more information, the presentation and notes from the sustainability charettes held in October and November 2022 can be found here.