Design Topic: The Educational Plan

The Educational Plan provides the foundation for the design process. For the high school project, Andover teachers, program coordinators, curriculum experts and district administrators came together to articulate an educational plan that details the schools’ existing program offerings and provides insight as to the programmatic goals for future teaching and learning practices. These discussions culminated in the production of an Andover High School Educational Plan report.

Additionally, a summary presentation of the educational plan was provided by AHS principal, Caitlin Brown during the 2/16/23 School Committee Meeting. As highlights, the primary Educational Principles and Educational priorities are:

Educational Principles

  • Data Informed Decisions
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Authentic Learning Spaces
  • Teacher Collaboration

Educational Priorities

  • Support All Students
  • Create Global & 21st Century Citizens
  • Provide Students with Project-Based, Practical & Authentic Learning Opportunities
  • More Integrated Teaching and Learning
  • Foster More Agency, Independence, and Resilience in Students
  • Support Teachers to Stay Current with the Changing World
  • Less Focus on Testing & More on Whole Child Education
  • Focus on Wellness
  • Special Education & Support
  • Increased Focus on the Arts

The Andover High School Educational Plan also speaks to the schools’ desire to create a 9th Grade Academy that will allow for a successful transition of 8th grade students from multiple middle schools. The plan calls for a new or renovated AHS to include dedicated space for all 9th graders to have their core academic classes; however, elective classes will also be held throughout the building to assist with student integration and social skills. The space design is intended to positively impact student educational goals, mindsets, engagement, and behavior by offering students a smaller school experience in which to learn about the overall high school experience.

The Educational Plan ultimately drives the design of the project and as a result both a new building and addition/renovation will be designed to meet this plan. HMFH Architects has developed preliminary floor plans of both site approaches which reflect the current space layouts and program adjacencies.