The project is currently in the initial phase of design, referred to as the Feasibility Study phase. The project team has started meeting with Andover High staff & students, facilities, Andover Police & Fire, and various other Town Departments to refine the existing conditions analyses, and establish project goals and requirements for the building and site.

The project team has also held educational visioning sessions and space programming meetings with educators and students to assist Andover with planning/educational delivery, and determine the types, number, size, and adjacencies of spaces within the building. The project team has also started to hold sustainability charrettes and community forums to gain insight as to what Andover residents feel are important energy efficient options, sustainable design elements, and any general building/site features that they would be hoping to see explored for the new project.

As information is gathered during these meetings, the project team is refining the design to create project options to best suit the needs of Andover. Community feedback is strongly encouraged at this time.

HMFH, the project architect, has developed various site approaches for a potentially new or renovated Andover High School. The project site has challenges and areas for close consideration including:

  • The campus will remain occupied
    • Existing high school and West Middle will remain operational during renovation and/or construction
    • Collins Center, Field House, and the AndoverTV studio are all used by the public
    • Fields and courts should remain in use
  • The site has extensive wetlands
  • Outcroppings of ledge are are onsite
  • Additional topography concerns
  • Site access and parking are challenging
  • ADA accessibility needs to be maintained
Graphic of the Andover High Site

After Feasibility options are examined, the project will move into the Schematic Design phase where the design of the project will continue to progress and cost estimates will be updated accordingly. Towards the end of Schematic Design, in the Fall of 2023, the scope and budget of the project will be refined to allow for a Town Vote where residents will choose to either approve or deny funding of the proposed project.