Building Committee Meeting 12/8/22 at 8:15 AM

During the Andover High School Building Committee Meeting on 12/8/2022, HMFH Architects introduced additional preliminary site approaches for the first time and discussed the approaches shown at the 11/22/2022 Building Committee meeting.

The Committee discussed ongoing meetings with stakeholders, the project timeline, approach evaluation criteria, and public outreach efforts. At the next meeting, the Committee will vote to eliminate the least favorable approaches. HMFH brought a physical model to demonstrate preliminary massing of each. Photos of the physical models are included in the presentation.

All preliminary concepts are shown below. The full presentation is included here, and describes each approach in more detail including pros/cons and additional views of each.

Each of these site approaches have these same assumptions or meet these requirements:

  • Accommodate the full educational program planned for AHS
  • Show a four-story school
  • Avoid building within the wetland buffer
  • Provide full access roads and fire lanes
  • Involve phased construction
  • Create a high school presence on the site
  • Could have either a parking structure or surface parking

Additionally, most approaches remove the ledge at the current “sledding hill”