Building Committee Touring Area High Schools

Thank you to Danvers and Arlington Public Schools for inviting the Andover High School Building Committee and other district resources to tour their high schools this past weekend. 

Danvers renovated and added to their high school in 2013, and Arlington is currently in the midst of a multi-phase new construction project on an occupied site. In these ways, each project has similarities to potential improvement paths for Andover High.

It was helpful to see the way space is used in these buildings, and to hear from educators and administrators as to what is working and what they might have done differently. Having also recently toured Brookline High School, the Andover team is making good progress in identifying the types of 21st century spaces that would best fit Andover students, and the pros/cons of various project approaches.

We are looking forward to continuing our conversations with the Andover community this week, during the Andover High tours (running continuously Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7pm) and our next Community Forum (Wednesday at 7pm in the AHS cafeteria). See you there!