Next Building Committee Meeting: Thursday, March 30th at 7:50 AM

The AHS Building Committee will be holding our next public meeting on Thursday, March 30th beginning at 7:50 AM in the School Committee conference room (30 Whittier Ct, 2nd floor, above the Robb Senior Center). Please join us!

The meeting will include presentation by the project team of high-level (Feasibility Design) comparative cost information for the remaining site approaches (“Courtyard” addition/renovation, “Campus 2” new building, and Campus 2 with new theater), and an update on the potential tax impact for each approach.

The Committee intends to use this information in determining which of the remaining approaches should be the final, preferred option to move toward Schematic Design.

The full agenda can be found here on the town website:…/ViewFile/Agenda/_03302023-5449

The meeting will also be televised on AndoverTV, livestreamed from their website, and recorded for viewing out of their online meeting archive. Thank you for attending, and for your ongoing feedback and engagement!