Next Building Committee Meeting: Tuesday, 8/8/23 at 7:50 AM

Please join the AHS Building Committee for our next public meeting on Tuesday, August 8th at 7:50 AM in the School Committee conference room (30 Whittier Ct, 2nd floor, above the Robb Senior Center).

The presentation for the meeting will primarily focus on the preliminary site design and traffic circulation by the landscape architect, Arcadis Architects and the traffic consultant, The Engineering Corp (TEC). Arcadis and TEC will review draft design options for pickup and drop-off, vehicle queuing areas, circulation through the project site, access and egress points from Moraine Street and Shawsheen Road, and parking configurations.

The site design and traffic circulation will evolve during Schematic Design as the project team continues to meet with the Committee, Andover Public Schools personnel, community members, Andover Police & Fire, Facilities, and other Town Departments for feedback on the draft design options. The project team will also introduce pedestrian biking and walking routes during subsequent Schematic Design Building Committee meetings as the vehicular traffic routes become more defined.

The Committee and project team will also hear from the district’s Athletic Director, Wayne Puglisi, on the impacts of the following potential added scope items currently under consideration: artificial turf vs. natural turf, the addition of the plateau field, and sports lighting. The Committee anticipates a decision surrounding sports lighting will be made at the 8/8/23 AHS Building Committee Meeting and a decision related to the plateau field and artificial turf vs. natural turf is anticipated to occur at the 8/24/23 AHS Building Committee Meeting.

Additionally, the Committee anticipates Andrew Flanagan, Town Manager, and AHS Building Committee member will provide an update on the proposed location for the skate park (whether included on the project site or elsewhere in Town). Currently, a skate park is shown within the site design for planning and layout purposes; however, the cost was not included within the preliminary total project cost presented during the Feasibility Study phase. The Committee anticipates a decision regarding the location of the skate park will be made during the 8/8/23 AHS Building Committee Meeting.   

The full agenda can be found here on the Town website:

The meeting will also be televised on AndoverTV, livestreamed from their website, and recorded for viewing out of their online meeting archive.