Upcoming Education Work Sessions

Education work sessions continue this week, making progress on both the Education Plan and Space Summary documents. These are both critical in any school design because they define the types and organization of space necessary to meet educational goals.

HMFH has previously met with Program Coordinators and other leaders, and this week they will be holding discussions with additional educators and staff by department or functional area.

These Department Meetings include:

  • Custodians/School Monitors
  • Social Workers/Guidance/Nurses
  • Administration
  • World Language/EL
  • PE/Health
  • Student Services
  • Fine Arts
  • Digital Learning
  • Special Education

Additionally, the first Space Programming meeting will take place with school leadership. The goal is to begin to determine the types, number, size, and adjacencies of spaces within the building. The discussion will include consideration of the number and type of classrooms needed for a 1,900 student enrollment, the education plan and it’s relationship to the program of spaces, and conversation around the education configuration.